Session Management in BAAN ERP

Sessions are the building blocks of BAAN applications. Realistically speaking, the display, update, and print functions in BAAN are sessions.

A session is a combination of:

  • forms
  • objects
  • reports
  • a table (main table)
  • charts

A session can be activated from:

  • a menu
  • FILE/Run Program menu selection (GUI)
  • another session (as a subsession)
  • SPECIAL/Start Session menu selection from form two of the Maintain Session session

Maintaining Sessions
The purpose of the Maintain Sessions (ttadv1140m000) session is to define sessions by Package VRC.

Menu: BAAN IV Tools / Application Development / Maintenance
Session: Maintain Sessions (ttadv1140m000)

Important Fields
  • Standard Script
  • Program Script
  • Main Table
  • Start Option
  • Session Status
  • Main Session

From form 2 of the Maintain Sessions session, you can:
  • go to the Maintain Forms, Maintain Reports, Maintain Charts, Maintain Table Definitions, and Maintain Scripts subsessions by choosing one of the buttons on the lower left corner of the screen
  • execute the session that you are currently on by going to SPECIAL, Start Session
Session Naming Convention
To ensure easy recognition and good communication, sessions should be properly named by following certain conventions. 

A session is identified by a combination of:
  • package
  • module
  • main table
  • type of session (The session types listed below are not the only possible values, but they are the most common ones.)
  • Session type 1 = maintain
  • Session type 4 = process
  • Session type 5 = display
  • main or sub-session 
  • M = Main session
  • S = Sub-session
  • suffix (reserved for future use)
The following example shows how a particular form (tiitm0501m000) is broken down into these pieces of information: 
  • Session: tiitm0501m000
  • ti: Manufacturing package
  • itm: Item Control module
  • 0501: A combination of the 001 table and the session type. The session type, 5, is placed between the first and second digits of the table number.
  • m: Main session
  • 000: Suffix
The 000 indicates no modifications have been made to the software.
Most sessions are named using these BAAN conventions but there are a few exceptions.

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