What is Wildcard in Generics?

When no specific knowledge of the value of a type parameter is needed, it can be replaced by a wildcard. The wildcard alone, represented by a question mark, takes the value of the default bound of the corresponding formal type parameter, which is Object in following example:

void printElements(List<?> myList) { ... }

A wildcard might include an upper bound, which states that the value of the type parameter must be equal to, or a descendent of the bound, as in the following:

 void addAll(Collection<? extends E>) { ... {

A wildcard may alternately specify a lower bound, as in the following:

 void addAll(Collection<? super E>) { ... {

example of upperbound wildcard

It is possible to set the upper bound of the wildcard like this:

List<? extends Vehicle> vehicles = new ArrayList<? extends Vehicle>();   

In this example I have specified the upper bound to be the class Vehicle. I can now define the processElements() method like this:

public void processElements(List<? extends Vehicle> elements){
   for(Vehicle o : elements){

As you can see it is now safe to cast each element in the list to a Vehicle, as it is done by the new for loop inside the method.
Furthermore, it is now safe to call the method using a List<Car> instance, provided that Car extends Vehicle. Here is an example:

List<Car> elements = new ArrayList<Car>
// ... add Car elements to the list.

But, even when using a wildcard with an upper bound it is not safe to write to the List. After all, a Car is always a Vehicle, but a Vehicle is not always a Car.

By using wildcard, Well, we got:
1) A way to specify that a collection can contain any type.
2) A way to specify that a collection can contain any subtype of X.
3) ... and this at the price of not being able to write to such a collection.

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