" Bharat Bandh " Is it reality or just a show off.

Is the bandh is the only way to protest, what type of bandh is this where people are forced to stay home and shut down their shops. All anti social elements are having a great time. A bandh should be something where people protest by themselves. Policitcan dont their work in Parliament and does not allow us to work too. What have they gained by calling this bandh we lost one day's pay.

 Its just a show off. If really the cry needs to be heard, there is no point in destroying public properties or blocking roads. Think! cover all petrol pumps, don't allow anyone to fill petrol tanks(allow only people who are in emergency i.e. hospital , ambulance, traveling etc). Cover up govt. offices, don't allow anyone to go inside. When govt. takes a hit, then they think about it. Rt now , general public is getting a hit, how does it affect the govt?


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