Report Management in BAAN ERP

A report is a description or a summary of activities in an organization. A report is often a periodical statement on the state of various activities, for example, Customer Balances, Sales Statistics, and so on.

Data flow from tables to paper

Figure shows how data flows from a database table through a session or query through a report to the printer, which then presents the results on paper. A data flow through UNIX is not depicted in this figure.
To use an existing report, there has to be a session to retrieve the data from the BAAN tables. There will be selection criteria from which to choose on a form (screen) of type 4. After the printing process begins, additional information must be supplied, such as the report to be selected, printer (or device) to be used, and so on.
If a query is used to retrieve the data for a report, a report name must be entered for the query. After the query begins, the process is similar to the process using a session, in that additional information must be entered.
There are other ways to view data besides printing reports. For example, a display session can be used to retrieve the required data.

Report Management
A form makes a selection of what data is going to be printed on the report.  The report obtains the information from the object, then formats the data and sends it to the output device.  The formatting is done in correlation to what was created in the report script/editor.
At the report level you can define the paper type, sort, priority and ascending/descending order options.

Print Session Coding

Figure shows the break down of the coding of a print session.  For more information on the coding of BAAN sessions see the “Customization and Development – General Data” Module Description.

Maintaining Report
The purpose of the Maintain Reports (ttadv3130m000) session is to maintain reports. A report is used to output data within the database. A report consists of input data, layouts, and may have a report script. Each layout consists of report fields, special fields, labels and layout texts.

Menu: BAAN IV Tools / Application Development / Reports
Session: Maintain Reports (ttadv3130m000)

Report input fields
The table fields or program script variables may be specified here. If the input field is a table field, then the depth and domain are taken from the table definition and cannot be changed. If the input field is a program script variable, the variables must be declared as extern in the script from which the report is called.
1 Click on the Input Fields button in the lower left corner of the screen
2 Go to EDIT, select Insert
3 Enter the data as shown in the following figure:

4 Another option:
5 Go to SPECIAL, and select Copy Fields from DD. You would see the Input screen   in 
figure, which lists all tables available to dmoes

6 Click OK, the following session would appear:

7 Select the fields you DO NOT want to appear on this session (hold the CTRL key and click to make multiple selections). The display should look like the following screen:

8 Go to EDIT, select Delete
9 Save and exit

Report Layout
The following layouts are available:
The layouts of this type will only be printed at the beginning of the report.
Example: Title page.

Header layouts will be printed at the top of each page.
Example: Stationary.

The layouts of this type will be printed before the detail lines for each sorted input field.

Detail layouts will be printed every time data is sent to the report from the database.

The layouts of this type will be printed after the detail lines for each sorted input field.
Example: Subtotals.

Footer layouts will be printed at the bottom of each page.
Example: Page numbers.
This layouts will be printed at the end of the report.
Example: Grand totals.

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Layouts "detail" will print every time. Can i use "output. Expr." to control it.?

Layouts "detail" will print every time. Can i use "output. Expr." to control it.?

Hey, that's very informative, thanks! By the way, what is the main difference between Baan and microsoft dynamics? I'm guessing it's just about time we changed our software to a modern erp, but I'm not quite sure which one would be the best.

can we print a hardcoded input on report through print session?

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