Directory Structure

The Bshell acts as the logic server gathering information from the directory structure at the Operating System level. This information can be system settings or software components.  System directory paths and users definitions are examples of the type of informational settings that can be set.  Software components are objects, forms, menus, reports, etc. 
These settings and software components are created with the use of the Tools software. The Tools software writes the information in the Tools Tables (company 000).
This information must be converted into a runtime object that is made available at the operating system level.  These runtime objects are created by doing a Convert to Runtime Data Dictionary, a compile, or using generate dump.  The Bshell can now use the converted object.


This figure depicts the relationship between Users, Software, and Data. Users use the software to provide an interface between them and their data.  This data can consist of system parameters or user data.
The ${BSE}/lib directory contains the setting and driver information files.
BSE is the name of a variable, which stands for BAAN Software Environment.  The location of the software environment is defined by this UNIX environment variable.  Each BAAN IV user must have a correct BSE variable set up for them.
Different user interfaces are available within BAAN. The type of equipment being used determines which user interface the user will execute.
If the user is running BA (ASCII), the environment variable is set in UNIX files like /etc/profile and a personal .profile in the home directory of the user. If you are using BW, it is set in the BW Configuration screen. 

Short description of directories:
bse         BAAN Software Environment, it contains the software environment.
dict The dict directory contains sub-directories for the table and domain definitions                
                (data dictionary)  of each package combination as well as the BAAN IV Tools
                 package(company 000).
tables      If a B-Base database is used, the data of the BAAN IV application is stored in ISAM       
                 tables in the tables directory.
test           If a B-base database is used the test tables are stored here

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