Additional Form features in BAAN ERP

Copy Form to Current Package VRC

When customizing an existing standard form, it needs to be copied first to the current package VRC (this being a non-standard package VRC) before it can be modified. 
This step is not necessary for developing new forms because when the insert command is used in the Maintain Forms (ttadv3100m000) session, the form is automatically created in the current package VRC, which is not a standard package VRC.
To execute this step, locate the forms that you want to copy from in Maintain Forms (ttadv3100m000) session, and go to Special/Copy to Current Package VRC.

Modify Sequence and ID

The sequence order and identification numbers of fields can be defined in this step to indicate the input or display sequence of normal form fields. The default order is from left to right and top to bottom. At runtime, a field’s identification number can be used by entering it in the Choice field to advance the cursor to that field. The default field ID number is zero. 

The sequence and ID can be maintained in a number of different ways. First, the field sequence mode can be changed manually. Second, the sequence can be generated based on the default order after which the sequence numbers can be changed manually. Third, the ID numbers of normal form fields can be maintained manually. Fourth, the ID numbers can be generated based on the default order before the numbers are changed. Fifth, all ID numbers can be set to Zero in just one action after which the ID numbers can be changed.
When a new field is created in a form, it is assigned the sequence number 1 and identification number 0. 
Special fields, stand-alone fields, normal display fields, and the Choice field are not assigned an order number and identification. (Stand-alone fields are displayed only when the 4 GL display<field name> or input<field name> functions are used in the program script.)
To execute this step from the Maintain Forms (ttadv3100m000) session, go to Edit Form/Form/Field Order.
To return to the Form Editor, press ESC.

Maintain Form Standard Options (ttadv3110s000)

Standard options are the options available for the Choice field in a form. These options are standard because they have already been defined and can only be turned on or off. This sub-session is used to indicate which options are active for a particular form.
To create/modify the Form Standard Options manually, select the Stand Opt. Button on the form.
To select pre-defined standard options, Zoom from the Option Set field on the Maintain Form session.

Maintain Form Specific Options (ttadv3111s000)

Form-specific options are the options available for the Choice field of particular forms. These options are form-specific because they must be defined especially for a particular form. This sub-session is used to indicate which form-specific options are active for a form.

Maintain Form Positions (ttadv3105s000)

A form position comprises a column and row number that indicate where the upper left corner of a form will be positioned. This code is relative to the whole screen. Nine positions can be specified for each form to change the position of the form based on the location from which the form is activated. For example, if a sub-session is activated from a field in the upper left hand corner of a form, the form of the sub-session could start in the middle of the screen to ensure that the field and the form of the sub-session do not overlap.
The values of the form positions can be defined in this sub-session. 

Generate Dump

A dump of a form must be created in the runtime dictionary to be able to use the developed or customized form at runtime. 
Several ways to update the runtime for the new form:
1 Click the Dump button on Maintain Forms session.
2 Set up to update the Form dump automatically in the session Maintain Development   Parameters by Users (ttadv0110m000)

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