Version Release Customization(VRC) in BAAN ERP

Unlike conventional products, such as cars or furniture, computer software is dynamic in nature. Rapid technological advancement, changing customer requirements, bug fixes, etc., make it imperative for software houses to regularly introduce newer versions of their software. Failure to do so would be disastrous for customers as well as the software house.
However, managing these different versions, their corresponding releases, and all the different customizations performed on them becomes a nightmarish task.

Different kinds of Software

BAAN software is divided into packages. There can be:

  • Standard Software
  • Localizations
  • Line of Business
  • Customizations
  • Own 

The bshell usually searches for a software component from the outside to the inside (see Figure ) .  First, the bshell searches for any own customization for that component.  If there is no own customization, the bshell searches for a customer-specific customization, and so on.  The search path, however, is not the same for all users depending on the package combination to which the user is linked.

Components of a Package VRC

V (Version) - indicates a major change in the software
R (Release) - indicates a minor change or new enhancement
C (Customization) - indicates a customer extension, which uses the customer’s initials

Types of Software:
VRC management can be used to distinguish between various types of software. Baan delivers standard and localization packages. The customer has the option to customize the software to meet their specific needs.
A VRC should be coded using the following legend:
  • L:  Localization
  • B:  Line of business specific
  • C: Customization developed by a third party
  • O:  In-house customization
Rules: When creating a new package VRC that is derived from a standard or localization VRC, you must include one of the letters from the previous legend.
For example:
Existing VRC = tiB40a
New VRC = tiB40Ca cus

Package VRC Deviation Structure

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