Startup Oracle Database at Mount Stage

You can start an instance and mount a database without opening it, allowing you to perform specific maintenance operations. When the startup command enters the mount stage, it opens and reads the control file. The control file is a binary file that tracks important database information, such as the location of the database datafiles.
In the mount stage, Oracle determines the location of the datafiles, but does not yet open them. Once the datafile locations have been identified, the database is ready to be opened.For example, the database must be mounted but not open during the following tasks
  • Enabling and disabling redo log archiving options  
  • Performing full database recovery
The following command starts an instance and mounts the database

SQL> startup mount

If you have already started the database instance with the startup nomount command, you might change it from the nomount to mount startup stage using the alter database command:

SQL> alter database mount

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