Abort Shutdown Of Oracle Database

If the normal and immediate shutdown options do not work, you can abort the current database instance. The shutdown abort command is pretty much a guaranteed way to get your database to shutdown. It’s a “hard crash” of the database, and this can result in a longer time to start the database back up. Still, you can’t really hurt the database using the shutdown abort command, and during your DBA years you will find more than a few occasions to use the shutdown abort command. Aborting an instance proceeds with the following conditions:
  • Current SQL statements being processed by the Oracle server are immediately terminated. 
  • Oracle does not wait for users currently connected to the database to disconnect. 
  • Database and redo buffers are not written to disk. 
  • Uncommitted transactions are not rolled back. 
  • The instance is terminated without closing the files. 
  • The database is not closed or dismounted. 
  • The next startup requires instance recovery, which occurs automatically.
An example using the shutdown abort command:

SQL>shutdown abort

You should be connected to the database with SYSDBA privileges to perform startup
or shutdown.

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