Immediate Shutdown Of Oracle Database

Immediate database shutdown proceeds with the following conditions:
  • Current SQL statements being processed by Oracle are not completed. 
  • The Oracle server does not wait for users currently connected to the database to disconnect. 
  • Oracle rolls back active transactions and disconnects all connected users. 
  • Oracle closes and dismounts the database before shutting down the instance. 
  • The next startup does not require an instance recovery. 
  • The next startup of the database will not require any instance recovery procedures
 Use immediate database shutdown only in the following situations: 
  • To initiate an automated and unattended backup 
  • When a power shutdown is going to occur soon 
  • When the database or one of its applications is functioning irregularly and you cannot contact users to ask them to log off or they are unable to log off 
  • To shut down a database immediately, use the SHUTDOWN command with the IMMEDIATE option
Shutting down a database with the shutdown immediate command:

SQL>shutdown immediate

The shutdown immediate command will work most of the time, but there are times when it can hang and fail to shutdown the database. In these cases, the shutdown abort command is called for:

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