User Management in BAAN ERP

One of the most important tasks in an information system environment is effectively managing and monitoring system usage.  Special user requirements and restrictions may have to be implemented.  BAAN provides comprehensive facilities to handle user and security management.

Login Procedure

Users can login and work with the BAAN software if their user accounts are defined at two different levels:

  • UNIX
  • BAAN

With all the User Interfaces, the password file is checked for the right login code and password. With BA and BX, settings like the BSE-variable are set in the “profile” files. BW has these kinds of settings in its configuration screen.
When a user logs in, the Bshell accesses the user file in ${BSE}/lib/user directory.  The information in this file is used to tell the system what authorizations the user has and what system settings will be

UNIX vs. BAAN Profile
Normally, a UNIX user has one BAAN Profile. However, you can base two or more BAAN Profiles on the same UNIX Profile. This can be beneficial for Users who need to work in Production, Test, or Design environments. They just have to remember one UNIX password. 
Switching between your User Profiles means setting your $USER variable. 
From your BW configuration enter 
-- -set USER=jan
in the box labeled command:. Running this configuration will switch you from user jp to jan as shown in above figure.

Overview User Management 
User Management in relation with DEM
This slide depicts some overlapping features within User Management in Tools and the Dynamic Enterprise Modeler. With DEM you can create a User account and generate Session Authorizations. Then if you need some additional authorizations or you need to make some changes you can use Tools.  The entire user management process can be done through Tools; however, DEM is a quick start creating users.

User Types and Authorizations 

There are two different user types: 
  • Super 
  • Normal
Depending on the User Type and on what kind of permissions a user needs, you can set the following authorizations:
  • Session
  • Database
  • Company
  • Text
  • Developer
  • Terminal ( only if terminal is connected to a fixed tty port)
Steps in Creating BAAN Users
Figure outlines the steps necessary to create a user.  The first step is creating a UNIX id for the user.  Once we have the UNIX id we can then create a BAAN id for the user.  To activate the id you must do a convert to runtime.  The steps on the right are additional steps to add the appropriate authorizations.

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