Functions of Report Writer

Report Types:
The structure of the layout must be known to design a report on paper. There are three types of reports, which resemble the Form types I, II and III. In designing a report, these layout types are built with specific layout types in the Maintain Report Layouts (ttadv3131s000) session. Here are some examples of the three types of reports.

Type 1 report 
The Type 1 report is a standard report with the data being listed in a horizontal format. Note that for each item (making up a single record), several lines are required to display the data.

Type 2 report
In a type 2 report, the data in each row belongs to a different record, and the columns represent fields of each record.

Type 3 report
This type of report displays records related to a common key (view). In figure , gardening tools and measuring tools are two examples of a common key with related records listed beneath the key.

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