Free 10 Apps for help you finding apps

There are 10 free apps for helping you find the best deals, the best apps for game, the best foe your friends and allstar apps.Now you don't have need to waste your time round through iTunes or the Android Marketplace following these apps...

1. AppGrooves – App Discovery & Recommendations:- Using a voting system, AppGrooves gets to know what your app likes and dislikes are and tailors its 
recommendations based on tastes. If you like a particular style of app, AppGrooves uses special algorithms to also recommend those with similar features, descriptions and ones that like-minded people have downloaded.

2. BAM – Best Apps Market:- Android users will benefit from BAM, an app to help organize, consolidate and select the best apps for you. 
In addition to listing the current top apps and top games, BAM also lets you easily manage all the apps on your device from within the interface.

3. App Deals: Daily Free Apps and Price Drops:- Who said nothing in life is free? App Deals puts that notion to rest by making you privy to the best free apps on the market. 
Using Appsfire’s search engine, App Deals gives you instant access to those winners that are free for a limited-time only or on sale. You can personalize the app interface to display the "streams" that you’re most interested in, e.g. games, productivity, photo & video, etc.

4.  Appsmart:- Appsmart is another useful app that helps wade through the mass of apps out there. There are two sections that list apps, either by Category (Entertainment, Utility, Music, etc.) or by Need (Find Stuff Around Me, Stay in Touch with People, Help Me Get Stuff
 Done at Home). You can view recommendations by others and see how they rank among other Appsmart users.

5. App AllStars:- There’s nothing worse than paying for an app, only to find it a big, fat disappointment. Avoid feeling duped and check out App AllStars to see the hottest 
trending apps on the market. The apps featured are ones that are consistently high-rankers and the most popular over an extended period of time. App AllStars also calculates biggest gainers and losers

6. Share Apps:- While this app doesn’t make recommendations for you, it allows you to share your favorites with your Android-toting friends. Have a new game obsession that 
you’ve got to hook you friend onto? Simple use Share Apps to send them an email or text message about the app, complete with a link to the app’s page in the Android Marketplace. And make sure your friends download the app as well, so they can share their latest app craze with you.

7. Appreciate:- Find Apps & Games:- You’ll appreciate this app for the fusion of social networking/app recommendation engine it is. By matching your tastes with that of others 
via Facebook, email, the Appreciate network, you’ll get personalized recommendations for the best apps and games for your liking. There are daily app picks that you can download and share.

8. Apps for Execs:- Rather than sorting through the plethora of productivity, utility, financial, etc. apps while you’re on standby at O’Hare, Apps for Execs makes it easier for 
the businessperson on the go to quickly find relevant picks.Categorized into areas such as Featured Apps, World News, Financial, Productivity and more, Apps for Execs relies on already-recommended apps for its listings to ensure that positively-ranked selections are included.

9. Moms With Apps:- Parents who have scoured the thousands of ABC apps out there and still have no idea which one to buy should check out Moms With Apps for specific 
kids’ app recommendations. With a number of helpful categories including Art, Environment, Foreign Language, Math, Reading, Special Needs and more, app-confused parents can read through thorough app descriptions and age recommendations to make their choices.

10. Apps for Boys / Apps for Girls:- Pretty self-explanatory, these apps are targeted for each of the genders. Made by the same developer, these apps follow the identical layout 
and offer similar categories such as Storybooks, Games, Music — and then more gender-specific ones like Fashion & Style for Girls and Action Packed for Boys. While some of the recommended games are the same between the apps, there are also divergent recommendations for each that are very gender-specific, e.g. car-racing apps for boys and fashion/nail polish apps for girls.

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