Finally Youtube and gmail are blocked in Iran

The situation is now official on Google’s side, as the company confirmed that several of its products have been blocked in the Iran.According to Google, Iranian users have been unable to access its encrypted search, YouTube and Gmail since February 10th. This could only be the tip of the iceberg, as several other sites have been reportedly inaccessible for the last days.

Yet, the stranglehold that Iran has on the Internet isn’t new – up to the point where local authorities are mulling plans for Iran to get ‘its own Internet.’ More generally, reports of blocked websites are far from uncommon, and it seems our own website has been inaccessible in the country since October 2011. Iran’s Mehr News Agency, Bloomberg points out that it means that more than 30 million Iranian Internet users have been unable to access e-mail accounts, including Gmail and Hotmail.

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