Super simple photo editing with enThread, right in your browser

enThread is a photo processing app, of sorts, that runs in your browser, features a drag & drop upload process and is probably powerful enough for the majority of your quick daily edits.
enThread is a new project from Quinton Pike, a guy that you might recognize as the developer behind the music-streaming service Mougg. It seems that Pike went back to the drawing board with enThread, and produced something that I believe will be considerably more useful over time.

To launch it, just go to the site. enThread gives you access to loads of features, and even a couple of post-process options:

  • Hue/Saturation/Lightness
  • Brightness/Contrast
  • Colors
  • Filters
  • Process

WIthin each of these tabs you’ll find sliders that let you dial in the settings that you want, then you can choose to undo, compare your photo to the original, reset it to how it started or save and share it.
Saving and sharing gives you the options that you’d expect, but it does require that you’re a registered user. If you are, you’ll get a link to a page with your photo, then Twitter and Facebook buttons for social sharing. Interestingly, from the saved image, you can choose to further modify it if you so desire.

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