Google is going to develope 'Terminator-style' HUD goggles

Google is going to  launch hi-tech glasses with in-built computer displays.Supposition is dominant  that hi-tech "heads up display" glasses are being developed at Google's secret "Google X" lab for months.
The glasses will be armed with cameras, an Android operating system.The glasses will run a version of the California-based Google's Android. 

Google specialist Seth Weintraub says, "Our tipster has now seen a prototype and said it looks something like Oakley Thumps. These glasses, we heard, have a front-facing camera used to gather information and could aid in augmented reality applications. "Google has always invested in speculative R&D projects -- it's part of our DNA. While the possibilities are incredibly exciting, the sums involved are very small by comparison to the investments we make in our core businesses.

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