Coding of reports in BAAN ERP

Code: kkmmmsfvvbchhh
kk package code
mmm module code
s submodule code
f function code
vv sequence number 1
b report group
c sequence number 2 within the report group
hhh customization type

The possible values for the report group (b) and sequence number 2 (c) are 1 through 9. If there are more than 9 report groups or reports within a group, the characters a through z are used. If the same report is used for another session, the report group and sequence number 2 in the group do not have to comply with this coding standard.

In Figure the submodule code, the function code, and sequence number 1 are coded similar to the coding of sessions. Accordingly, the submodule code and sequence number 1 together are the same as the table number.

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