FBI was told Steve Jobs would distort reality to achieve goals

There was a time when not much was known about the iconic co-founder of Apple. But after his death, more and more details about Steve Jobs, the person and CEO, have emerged. First there was his official biography, showing him an excellent entrepreneur and visionary but at the same time having a penchant for bullying and being a tough boss. Now FBI has released an extensive report on Jobs, full of rich details about his life as an individual and as an entrepreneur.
Most people contacted by FBI gave thumbs up to Jobs, telling sleuths that he had all the necessary abilities for a high-profile position with the government. For example one person - FBI had redacted all names from the released report - who had known Jobs for several years said Jobs was "an individual of good character and integrity and (he) knew nothing which would reflect upon him in a negative way". Most also said that he was very hard working and prudent with his finances. 
However, at the same time, FBI also found, "Several individuals questioned Mr Jobs' honesty, stating that Mr Jobs will twist the truth and distort reality in order to achieve his goals." One respondent told FBI that Jobs was suitable for high-level political post because honesty and integrity were not required for such positions. 

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