4GL Choice Section

You use choice sections to program actions that you want to be executed when standard commands are activated or ended. Choice sections consist of a main section and a subsection. The main section specifies the standard command for which the actions must be executed. The subsections specify when the actions must be executed.

Main section
choice.<standard command>:
The subsections associated with this main section are executed for the specified standard command. You use the Maintain Forms by Package VRC session to select the standard commands (ttadv3100m000) for each form. A list of standard commands appears at the end of this help topic.

The actions programmed in this subsection are executed immediately before the specified command is executed. You can use this subsection, for example, to test data before the command process continues. You can use the choice.again() function to stop the command.

The actions programmed in this subsection are executed when the specified command is activated. These actions are executed instead of the standard action associated with the command. This subsection is available for the following commands only:

  • print.data
  • run.job
  • global.delete
  • global.copy
  • bms
  • all commands in type 4 programs (except modify.set, restart.input, end.program, abort.
  • program)

The actions programmed in this subsection are executed immediately after the specified command has been executed. This subsection is not available for the end.program and abort.program commands.


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