What is Control file

The control file is a small binary file necessary for the database to start and operate successfully. Control file records the physical structure of the database.Each control file is associated with only one Oracle database. Before a database is opened, the control file is read to determine if the database is in a valid state to use.The information in the control file can be modified only by the Oracle server.The information in the control file includes:
  • Database name
  • Names and locations of associated datafiles and online redo log files
  • The timestamp of database creation
  • Current log sequence number
  • Checkpoint information
  • Tablespace information
  • Datafile offline ranges
  • Redo log history
  • Archived log information
  • RMAN information means (database backup taken through RMAN)
  • Datafile copy information.
The control file must be available for writing by the Oracle Database server whenever the database is open. Without the control file, the database cannot be mounted and recovery is difficult.

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The control file is very important and small binary file which is very necessary for the database to start and operate successfully.
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