Multiplexing Control File

Control file is a small binary file which includes information like database name, name and location of data files and redo log files, timestamp of database creation,log sequence number and RMAN backup information if we use RMAN. Control file include these all information so thats "Why we need multiplexing of control file". When control file is damaged ther is no way you can bring it back unless you have the backup.So, oracle database should have atleast two control files. You should have backup of control file and backup of control files must be stored in a different physical disk.If a control file is damaged due to a disl failure, the damaged control file can be restored using the copy of the control file from the other disk and instance can be restarted. The steps for multiplexing control file are as follows:

1) Conn as SYSDBA
2) shutdown the database immediate
3) Open the directory look for control file 'control.ctl'
4) Create duplicate copy of 'control.ctl' ,then rename of the duplicate control file 'control01.ctl'
5) Open the initialization paramter file 'initSID.ora', copy the location of duplicate control file and paste it in the control file configuration:

control file '/opt/luck/control.ctl',
6) Startup database

SQL>startup pfile='/opt/luck/initluck.ora' or you can start with spfile
7) check your control file

SQL>select name from v$controlfile;

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