Coding of software components

All software components belong to a particular package VRC. The coding of the software components together with the VRC codes make every software component unique. Since some software components can be maintained by language and by package VRC, for example messages, they also need to be linked to a certain language to code them uniquely. The following software components are linked to a language:

  • forms
  • menus
  • reports
  • messages
  • questions
  • labels
1) Coding of sessions
Code: kkmmmsfvvp000
kk package code
mmm module code
s submodule code
f function code
vv sequence number
p process type
hhh customization type (only 000 for sessions)
For sessions, the customization type is always 000. The vv sequence number is not subjected to strict standards.For standard software sessions or sessions derived from the standard software, the submodule code and the sequence number together are similar to the table number.

The submodule code is only used for the coding of sessions that are newly-developed modifications that are not derived from the existing standard.

2) Coding of tables
Code: kkmmmsvv
kk package code
mmm module code
s submodule code (only numeric)
vv sequence number

Tables that are newly-developed modifications to the standard package (customized software) must be defined as follows: the submodule codes c, l, b, d, j, and o cannot be used, instead the numeric value 9 is used extended by the sequence number. 
As a result, the ranges for the customization types are:
Ranges for customization types:
c 901 - 935
l 936 - 950
b 951 - 965
d 966 - 980
j 981 - 985
o 986 - 995
Figure shows an example of the code of a standard software table. If existing tables are modified, they retain their original codes because the customized tables are part of different package VRCs and, therefore, are uniquely coded.

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