Rules To Specify Values In An Initialization Parameter

•Parameter within initialization file can be specified in any order.

•If a line starts with pound sign(#) the rest words of the line is ignored. # indicates it is comment.

•If OS is case sensitive then value of filename within initialization parameter is case sensitive.

•To enter several parameters in a line use spaces between the parameters. Like,
db_name=dbase sga_target=300M sga_max_size=300M

•The parameter that take multiple values enter multiple values enclosed in parentheses and separated by commas. Like,

Alternatively you can enter multiple values without parentheses and commas. Like,
control_files='/oradata1/arju/control01.ctl' '/oradata1/arju/control02.ctl'

•You can use the IFILE initialization parameter to embed the contents of another initialization parameter file into the current initialization parameter file.

•If you specify a parameter value in multiple location then the last executed value override the prior one since the parameter is executed in sequential order. For example, if my pfile contains value in the following order
then sga_target=400M is in effect.

•Enclose in quotation marks any parameter value that contains a special character.
For example you can specify DB_DOMAIN in any of following ways,


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