Oracle Initialization Parameters File Types

There are different types of initialization parameters in oracle, such as,

1)Derived Parameters
2)Operating System-Dependent Parameters
3)Variable Parameters

1)Derived Parameters:
As the name indicates these parameter values are calculated from the values of other parameters. Normally, you should not alter values for derived parameters, but if you do, then the value you specify will override the calculated value.

For example, the default value of the SESSIONS parameter is derived from the value of the PROCESSES parameter. If the value of PROCESSES changes, then the default value of SESSIONS changes as well, unless you override it with a specified value.

2)Operating System-Dependent Parameters 
The valid value of value ranges of these parameters are host Operating System dependent. For example, the value of the parameter DB_BLOCK_SIZE, has an operating system-dependent default value.

3)Variable Parameters 
The variable initialization parameters offer the most potential for improving system performance.
Some variable parameters set capacity limits but do not affect performance. For example, when the value of OPEN_CURSORS is 10, a user process attempting to open its eleventh cursor receives an error. Other variable parameters affect performance but do not impose absolute limits.

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