long db.bind( string table_name(9) [, ref string buffer(.) [, long comp_nr]] )

This creates a pointer to a specified table. It returns a table ID that you use in other database calls to identify the table. The pointer is to a table with a particular company number and record buffer. You can create additional pointers to the same table by calling the function with a different company number and/or record buffer.

table_name The table name.
buffer This optional argument specifies the record buffer to be used for the table. If you omit this argument, or if you specify an empty string, the default record buffer is used (that is, rcd.tppmmmxxx). 
comp_nr This optional argument specifies a company number for the table. The default company is the company of the user. If you include this argument, you must also include the buffer argument. So, if you want to specify a company other than the default company but want to use the default record buffer, specify the default buffer or an empty string in the buffer argument.

When you create more than one pointer to a table, you must use a different record buffer for each one.

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