Authorizations for Audit Management

If the audit is running, it is possible to print or purge the audit files.  Also, the integrity of the audit files can be checked.  At least one user, preferably the administrator, must be authorized to perform these actions.
Only the root user is able to grant the authorizations to the user

Sessions and authorizations for audit management
The authorization type is a set, so you can combine those things:
  • None
  • All
  • Print
  • Delete
  • Maintain
Authorizations can be set in a couple of different ways:
  • All
  • Specified
  • Range
Related to:
  • Package
  • Module
  • Table
  • Company
There are different security levels such as print, maintain, delete, and all.  These security levels are granted to user for packages, modules, tables, and companies.  For security reasons, it is not advised to grant audit authorizations to normal users.

Audit Files
We distinguish two different kinds of audit files. Per audited Table there is:
Information File
Sequence File
The sequence file contains the Transaction Data like User, Session, Date and Time and the Record Images, and so on.
The Information file contains General information called the Information Header and Sequence File specific information called Sequence Header.
Information Header
  • Table and Company
  • Status Reuse
  • From Sequence
  • To Sequence
  • Current Sequence
  • Maximum File Size

Sequence Header
  • Sequence Number
  • Creation Date and Time
  • Termination Date and Time
  • Status of Termination
There are files on the Operating System level containing information about how Audit Management is used. 
The most important ones are:
  • ${BSE}/lib/tabledef6.1
  • ${BSE}/lib/auditdef6.1
Some sessions that have their impact on these files are Maintain Database Definitions, Assign Tables to Databases, and Maintain Audit File Directories. Of course, you need to run a conversion to Runtime DD

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