Create Table in BAAN ERP

1st Method
The purpose of the Create Tables (ttaad4230m000) session is to create tables by company and package.
Menu: BAAN IV Tools / Database Management / Miscellaneous
Session: Create Tables (ttaad4230m000)

2nd Method
Step1: First create domain if you don't want to use exixting domians.
Step2: After creating new domains, convert them to runtime data dictionary and log out the     BAAN
Step3:Now create new tables based on new domains because table structure is dependent on domains.
Step4: Convert them to Runtime Data dictionary and after this log out the BAAN again for saving the changes.
Step5: There is one option in Special in maintain domain and table definition in BAAN tools. Under Special there is one option create table , from where you can create table if you don't want to use 1st Method.

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