Create Recovery Catalog

A recovery catalog is a schema stored in a database that tracks backups and stores scripts for use in RMAN backup and recovery situations. Recovery catalog is optional. RMAN can be used either with or without a recovery catalog. An experienced DBA suggest that the Enterprise Manager instance schema and RMAN catalog schema  placed in the same utility database on a server separate from the main servers. There are few steps to create recovery catalog as follow:

  •     Configure Recovery Catalog
  •     Create Recovery Catalog owner
  •     Create Recovery Catalog  

 1)Create a database called cat and connect sqlplus SYS/pass@cat as SYSDBA

 2)Create a tablespace where all information of receovery catalog will be collected.

SQL>create tablespace cat_tbs datafile '/opt/cat/cattbs.dbf' size 100m;  
Tablespace created.

 3)Create a user in the recovery catalog database

SQL>create user cat_user identified by cat_passwd
 temporary tablespace temp default tablespace cat_tbs 
 quota unlimited on cat_tbs;  
User Created.

 4)Grant the recovery catalog owner role to the user.This will provide all privileges to maintain and query recovery catalog.

SQL>grant recovery_catalog_owner to cat_user;

Grant succeeded.

 5)Connect to the database that contains the catalog owner.

 rman catalog cat_user/cat_passwd@catdb

 6)Connect from the RMAN utility prompt

RMAN>connect catalog cat_user/cat_passwd
7)Run the create catalog command to create the catalog.May it take several minutes.

 RMAN>create catalog;

recovery catalog created

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