This forces a random search action on the main table. You call the function immediately after input to a field during insertion of a new record (standard command ADD.SET or DUPL.OCCUR) or during MODIFY.SET (if the predefined variable modify.prim.key is set to TRUE).
When a new record is being added to the database, the standard program normally executes a search action in the main table after input to the field(s) of the primary index. If the key values entered belong to an existing record in the main table, the standard program displays all the fields of that record and stops adding the new record. Otherwise, the user must fill the remaining fields; then the record is added to the main table.

In some applications, not all parts of the primary index appear on the form. In this case, the search operation in the main table occurs when the user leaves the last input field of the occurrence. You can force an earlier search action by calling after input to any field of the occurrence.

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