User Managed Restore Procedure in Oracle

If someone has deleted datafile,there is user errors or disk is crushed then there is necessary to restore a datafile from backup. If you restore any datafile then just copy it to the location in the parameter specified in the control_files. If you restore any control file then copy in the destination which spfile or pfile points in control_files parameter.
In the following section you can know what you do if you choose user managed recovery:
1) If all copies of the control file have lost and you have backup of the control file then simply copy the backup of control file to the location as located in the control_files parameter in initialization parameter file pfile/spfile. After do this you have to open your database with resetlogs option. And if you don't have backup of the control file then you have to create new control file.

2) If you lose one or more datafiles then copy the datafiles to the location where it was. You can copy it to another location and point the control file to the new location by ALTER DATABASE RENAME FILE ' old' TO 'New '.

3) If you have backup of archived log then you can copy it to the location and perform recovery from there. But if the deleted archived log that is needed for media recovery and you have no backup then you must perform incomplete recovery (UNTIL SCN) and open the database with RESETLOGS open.

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