Data Dictionary Contents

Data Dictionary Contents
  • The definitions of all schema objects in the database (tables, views, indexes, clusters, synonyms, sequences, procedures, functions, packages, triggers)
  • How much space has been allocated for, and is currently used by, the schema objects
  • Default values for columns
  • Integrity constraint information
  • The names of Oracle users
  • Privileges and roles each user has been granted
  • Auditing information, such as who has accessed or updated various schema objects
 Data dictionary static views that answer questions such as:
  • Was the object ever created?
  • What is the object a part of?
  • Who owns the object?
  • What privileges do users have?
  • What restrictions are on the object?

Data dictionary dynamic Performance Views that answer questions such as:
  • Is the object online and available?
  • Is the object open?
  • What locks are being held?
  • Is the session active?

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